Gift an Italian Course and Receive a Xmas Voucher

Do you know anyone who would love to learn Italian? And perhaps this person doesn't live far from Southampton? I have got the perfect gift for you: an Italian course, there are three beginner courses starting in January across Soutampton. From 22 January - Every Monday time 5.10 - 6.30pm at Southamtpon Central Library, Civic… Continue reading Gift an Italian Course and Receive a Xmas Voucher

Picture of Gallery in Milan one of the best cities in italy

10 best cities to visit in Italy

Italy is a country with many wonderful cities, all worth a visit, with their unique history and natural beauty, it is difficult to choose from. Discover here what are the best cities to explore. A beautiful getaway in Italy, who does not dream? A stay in Dolce Vita, a gondola ride in Venice or the… Continue reading 10 best cities to visit in Italy

Panettone Italan foods for Xmas
Italian food

Typical Italian Foods For Xmas [video]

Watch this video to discover the typical Italian foods for Christmas, all what we eat as a dessert during this magic time of the year. Watch the video and like it, please - turn up the volume if it's too low. In the video I discuss about: Pandoro, Panettone, Torrone, Ricciarelli, Prosecco e Spumante.… Continue reading Typical Italian Foods For Xmas