Picture of Gallery in Milan one of the best cities in italy

10 best cities to visit in Italy

Italy is a country with many wonderful cities, all worth a visit, with their unique history and natural beauty, it is difficult to choose from. Discover here what are the best cities to explore. A beautiful getaway in Italy, who does not dream? A stay in Dolce Vita, a gondola ride in Venice or the… Continue reading 10 best cities to visit in Italy

picture of masks at Venice Carnival best things about living in Italy

10 Best and Worst Things About Living in Italy

Have you ever dreamed of living in Italy? Would you like to know what living in Italy would be like? Well, discovering what the best and worst things about Italy are can be your first step. Read this blog post from a real Italian living in the UK - no disappointment.

Panettone Italan foods for Xmas
Italian food

Typical Italian Foods For Xmas [video]

Watch this video to discover the typical Italian foods for Christmas, all what we eat as a dessert during this magic time of the year. Watch the video and like it, please - turn up the volume if it's too low. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1iID-ZjLL8 In the video I discuss about: Pandoro, Panettone, Torrone, Ricciarelli, Prosecco e Spumante.… Continue reading Typical Italian Foods For Xmas