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Valentine’s day in Italian language: vocabulary

Valentine’s day in Italian language is called “San Valentino”, literally “Saint Valentine” and is celebrated the 14th of February, like in any other part of the world.

Who was really Valentine or better Valentino is a mystery, sometime it is said that he was a priest who celebrated a wedding on the 14th of February against the wishes of Emperor Claudio II and that for this reason he was sentenced to death sentence.

Let’s take a look at some romantic words and expressions useful on the day of love (il giorno dell’amore).

Valentine’s day in Italian language: 10 useful words and expressions

1. Buon San Valentino! = Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is what you should say to wish someone a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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2. Cuore = heart

It reads as it is spelled, alike most Italian words, if not all, so read all the wovels: C-U-O-R-E.

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3. Cioccolatini = chocolates

This is a very sweet word indeed, read the syllable: “CIO” as if it was written like “cho”and read “CO” as if it was “ko”. Ready? “CHOKOLATINI!

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4. Bacio = kiss

Bacio is read as if it was written: “bacho”. Easy right? Do you know that in Italy there are some romantic chocolates called “Bacio” and each individually wrapped chocolate contain a note with a quote. They are similar to the Chinese fortune cookies, but they are definetely more romantic and inteded for a partner.

Baci = kisses

5. Torta = cake

Another useful word in the food department is obviously the word cake, torta, which sounds like “tarte” but it isn’t.

6. Biglietto = card

The words “biglietto”, which is read something like “biYEtto” means card but also ticket.

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7. Ti amo = I love you

Perhaps you already know this expression, but be careful: you can say “Ti amo” only to your partner or spouse. In fact, if you want to say “I love you” to a friend or a family member, you should say: “Ti voglio bene”. Do not ask me why, but apparently Italians have two different types of love!

8. Rose rosse = red roses

It might seem like a tongue-twister but it isn’t. Red roses always impress ladies, even the Italian ones.

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9. Regalo = gift

As per other celebrations, it is always nice to receive gift. It could be something like a perfume or some sexy lingerie.

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10. Amore mio = my love

If “amore” means “love”, “amore mio” simply means “my love”. You can surprise your partners with this variation.


ASPETTA [wait:] if you are not going to celebrate Valentine’s Day, do not worry! Singles Day in Italy is celebrated they day after, the 15th February. On that day, night clubs and bars organise a special Single Night and this could be the perfect chance to meet your Valentino!

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