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5 YouTube Channels For Learning Italian

In the current era, technology has made learning more accessible. Reading books is not the only way you can learn Italian. There are many ways you can expand your knowledge of the Italian language. When researching the YouTube channels to guide you through Italian, choose the proper ones.

You can come across YouTube channels that do not have the suitable materials to help you understand Italian further. Learning Italian from YouTube is the most convenient way to help you increase your knowledge on pronunciation, grasping the meaning of Italian vocabulary, the intonation of words, and other essential details.

I have come up with a list of the five very best YouTube channels that you must watch to transform your Italian knowledge.

YouTube Channels For Learning Italian: the ones I recommend

1) Italy Made Easy

The channel is composed of videos that will make you feel happy when upgrading your Italian knowledge. The teacher has made clips that will capture the attention of beginners. In addition, the channel has clips that will help you pronounce words and have the meaning of the most basic words that will make your life easier in Italy.

If you are interested in upgrading your Italian knowledge, follow the classes and webinars provided by the teacher. The teacher has put these resources on the website with zero charges!

2) Italiano Automatico

The following YouTube channel I would love you to explore is the Italiano Automatico. If you are an intermediate student of Italian, this is the channel for you. The YouTube channel offers the best details that can help you speak fluent Italian. The channel comprises classes in the form of clips that are in English but have Italian subtitles from local learning techniques.

The instructor carries out street dialogues; you should give yourself a trial to understand around 70% of the details. We can advise you to listen to the conversation continuously until you understand fully. The essential part is being engaged and putting your full potential on the journey.

3) Learning Italian Using

The YouTube channel has multiple lessons to assist you in sharpening your Italian skills. The channel has details of clips concerning Italian listening comprehension. In addition, the instructor has provided quizzes to help you weigh your transformation and analyse what you have grasped at the end of every class.

The lessons on this channel are well programmed and perfectly planned. In a sequence of one clip, there are lessons you can use to guide you through vocabulary by using pictures. According to our views, this method is perfect for memorization.

4) One World Italiano

All the videos on this channel are in Italian. It turns out to be the ideal challenge to better your listening appreciation expertise in Italian. The lessons included in the channel are lengthy. Make a point of analyzing lessons on daily terminologies and how to sharpen your Italian pronunciation.

5) Dolce Vita

This is the last YouTube channel I have listed down for you to improve your Italian skills. The channel has content that will give you another exciting perspective concerning Italian. The details will always make you feel the joy of learning Italian.

You can explore the main elements included, like the months of the year in Italian; you will find videos concerning Italian culture that are very knowledgeable, cooking lessons in Italian, and other fun activities all in Italian.

Here is my list of top 5 YouTube channels for learning Italian but I would like to add two more which I particularly like:

Learn Italian with Lucrezia

Passione Italiana

Do you have any other YouTube channels for learning Italian that you can suggest? Well, the comment section is open for all your thoughts and recommendations.

Alla prossima,

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