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How to write better Headlines

Headlines are, believe it or not, the most important thing in a copy. This is because people will not read your text if the headline is boring.

Healines are you chance to stand out of the crowd, make the most of it: be accurate and concise.

Follow the so called SHINE rule – so easy to remember:

  • Specific
  • Helpful
  • Immediately Interesting
  • Newsworthy
  • Entertaining

Rules for better headlines

  • Express what it will follow: you need to be intresting but you need also to insert in the relevant headline information
  • Ask a question: questions set the reader in the right metality of curiosity – they will keep reading
  • Be misterious: also this technique is forcing readers to stick to the text
  • This morning I woke up and guess what I found in my bed
  • Play with emotion: make the readers feel something such as happiness, sadness or empathy

“Rescued dog has been adopted”

  • The First word matters: use powerful words that catch the eye: how, what, who, when..
  • Make your headline hot – how? Hot words are those which have been found in articles that went viral. It can be one word or more.

Here some examples: how to, wait till you, this it the, make, day, of the
A quick search on Google will be able to find them.


  • Be honest and don’t exagerate: your readers needs someone to trust and believe, so be transparent and state what you offer in a simple factual way. Avoid the tempation to use words such AMAZING, BRILLIANT, readers are so used to them that they don’t perceive them as real. Prefer, expressions like: Free sample, 30% off.
  • Keep it short: catchy and short titles are the best option.
  • Say it loud: state the benefits on the title, give a reason to read.
  • Use numbers: using numbers is  another good way to get attention
  • Quirky adjectives: using quirky and unusual adjectives is guaranteed, you will get many more readers. Try to find synonyms in the thesaurus.

Now you are ready to write your best headline ever!

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