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Identikit of a copywriter – Who am I?

“Writers live twice.”
—Natalie Goldberg

Bearing in mind that I could have more than one life I decided to devote my time to my passion: creating art. In fact, I consider writing an art, even if for business purposes.
However sometime it’s hard to understand what a copywriter actually does,  I have been asked many times: What exactly do you do? What’s your job?

It always feels difficult to give an answer there and then… COPYWRITING is the discipline of writing promotional/sales copies. However, the copywriter job is much more than this.

Let’s recap on what exactly a copywriter does..

  • Attending meeting with clients: talking and discussing with clients via phone, Skype or face to face are the basis to copywriting.
  • Researching the marketplace: doing research on the industry and watching out for competitors is fundamental in understanding the challenges and adopting the correct communicative style.
  • Finding out about the target audience: capturing interests, demographics and lifestyle is another fundamental part of the job. Copywriters should write for the readers and not for themselves.
  • Highlighting and strengthening the key message: finding a hook to attract and then a proposition to convert readers is necessary in any text.
  • Writing, writing, writing: no matter what, writing is the main activity.
  • Reading: spending time on reading allows to improve writing techniques and also boost creativity.
  • Coming up with fresh ideas: This is what clients expect from you. From shaping your key message to brining in a new marketing strategy to connect with your audience – The ideas are where it’s at.

In my case, I have the luck of being able to do this job in English and Italian, this increases the challenges but also the adrenaline..

Why did I want to be a copywriter?

There are various reasons, the excitement of working with various clients, the never ending learning experience, the flexibility of working at any time and most importantly the freedom of working anywhere in the world.

Being a copywriter is a lifestyle choice rather than a just job. 

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