best books for learning Italian

5 of the best BOOKS for learning Italian (or improving it)

The journey to learning a new language usually starts with a Google search, and the number of textbooks it lists is staggering. Instead of throwing your arms up in frustration, I’ve consolidated a list of near mandatory books that I think you’ll find helpful. And by the first reading any of these books, you’re guaranteed to learn what that word means.

Five Must-Have Books for Learning Italian

1. Contatti 1 Italian Beginner’s Course

For those who prefer learning from a textbook you would use in a classroom environment, there’s no comparison. Contatti is the best-selling adult beginner Italian course and is the first of a two-stage program. It’s a great companion piece when taking my program.

Contatti book for learning Italian

Buy Contatti 1 Italian Beginner’s Course 3rd Edition: Coursebook Paperback>>

2. Short Stories in Italian for Beginners

An essential part of learning a new language is simply reading. This anthology of short stories is digestible and entertaining, perfect for on-the-go and squeezing in some extra study time.

One thing is for sure, it’s a free audiobook with Amazon’s Audible, so it can’t be out of your price range. No excuses.

Short storie for learning Italian

Or if you prefer the paperback, you can buy it here.

3. Collins Easy Learning Italian Audio Course

Another free Amazon Audiobook for the aural learners – again, no excuses – this accredited, step-by-step course will teach you Italian with your eyes closed – literally. It’s great for relaxing in bed, commuting, or a quick refresher you can play in your car while driving to an Italian business meeting.

Italian Audio Course

Or you can buy the CDs and you receive also an helpful booklet, find out more here >>

4. Complete Italian All-in-One

Let me say; it lives up to its title. The total language study program includes 40 lessons with over 400 exercises. It even has flashcards, conversation recordings, record & play, and a progress tracker. There are hundreds of skill-building activities that will keep you fast-track your language level beyond being a pro but a pro-fessor of the Italian language.

Complete Italian All-in- One

Buy Complete Italian All-in-One here >>

5. Complete Italian Grammar: Premium Second Edition Paperback

From the same author as the Complete Italian All-in-One, this paperback emphasises the
importance of grammar. Grammar is often overlooked because, let’s face it, it tends to be the
most complicated aspect of learning a foreign language and is therefore avoided at any cost.
But, to form proper sentences instead of broken ones, alas, it is a necessity. Fortunately, it
gradually teaches you the basics using a multitude of exercises preventing it from being too

Complete Italian Grammar - Book for learning Italian

Buy Complete Italian Grammar: Premium Second Edition Paperback here >>

Do you have any other books to recommend? Let me know in a comment.

Or get in touch and I will help you put those books to good use. Click here.

Ah, WAIT, do you need more motivation to start reading? Take a look at the infographic below which explains you all the great benefits derived.

Why reading in Italian



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