Come si dice? – Italian Game

“Come si dice?” = “How do you say it?”

Test your knowledge by guessing how to say these common Italian words. Feel free to leave a comment with your responses,  I will email you the correct ones.

One last important thing: don’t cheat! (“NON IMBROGLIARE”)

1. Come si dice: swimming suit?

come si dice Bikini in italian

2. Come si dice: flip flops?

flip flops in italian

3. Come si dice: toothpaste and toothbrush?

toothpaste and toothbrush in italian

4. Come si dice: buttons?

buttons in italian

5. Come si dice: remote?

remote in italian

6. Come si dice: cushions/pillows?

pillows in italian or cushions

7. Come si dice: lamp?

lamp in italian

8. Come si dice: stripes referring to a pattern?

how to say stripes in italian

9. Come si dice: spotted referring to a pattern?

spotted in italian

10. Come si dice: checked referring to a pattern?

checked in italian



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