picture of italian city Massa Marittima to explain why italian courses are great

How an Italian Course can make your Holiday to Italy even better

One could indeed wonder the interest of taking a course in a language spoken only in a single country. It is often the many clichés that you hear; but do you really know Italy?

• Have you ever heard the sweet music of Italians?

• Would you be able to name 3 regions, 2 Italian mountains and 10 Italian tourist sites known for their heritage?

• Do you know any current Italian rock and pop music?

• Do you know how to speak the language of the hands?

• Do you know many Italian customs?

• Did you know that Italian is a language that is spoken by millions of people?

Travelling to Italy and taking a course in the local language can be a unique experience, it greatly enriches your trip, from a dinner to a restaurant and getting to know the menu. Through this, you will also have access to Italian cuisines and wines. This will further aid you in truly enjoying all famous and delicious food available.

Aside from enjoying Italian gastronomy, taking an Italian course offers many more benefits, as you would be able to communicate as a tourist with confidence and exuberance. In fact, the Italian language plays a very important role in international relations being an official language of the European Union and Italy continuing to be a very significant Country in the world economy. In addition, Italy is a point of reference for the fashion and design sectors and Italian is the reference language

Starting an Italian course? Why not?

picture of person taking a picture whilst taking an Italian course in Southampton

Most Italian courses are very easy to learn, as words are quite similar to English language and with a musicality that immediately attracts the listener. Italian, in general, is characterized by being a romantic language, with a very rich musical and cinematographic culture, from which much can be learned almost without any effort as a visitor. It is one of the official languages of the European Union as earlier highlighted and is spoken as the official language in Italy too.

By deciding to take an Italian course on your next visit to Italy, you are going to open yourself to a language and a millenary culture that has shaped the face of the world we know today, especially because of the importance and power of the Roman Empire more than 2000 years ago.

Furthermore, Italian courses thrive today because the language has always been valued as the language of culture, art, music. Knowing Italian is also fundamental to understanding a great number of scientific and literary texts of great importance at European and world level.

If you desire to make your holiday to Italy even better, taking an Italian course will be your best choice, as this will allow you to make a fantastic trip, starting from Milan and passing through the capital, Rome, through Apulia before finishing in Tuscany.

Nothing is as great as immersing yourself in a country and being able to understand its language, culture and totality. Being able to communicate with natives during a trip through the help of a course may even allow you to meet people on the spot, or find the love of your life, and keep in contact with your Italian friends. It is always more pleasant and encouraging when you have the ability to speak the language of the country where you are travelling to, as it makes you feel immediately more comfortable and appreciate the getaway a little more. Today, the Italian language is more fun and accessible than ever, thanks to many Italian courses. Through them, it is very easy to create links and understand people from diverse cultures.

In conclusion, taking an Italian course can make your holiday to Italy a lot more better as highlighted above and if you desire these merits, choosing a good course can be an excellent option since it is a learning method whose results can be obtained in the short term and without much hassles.

Would you like to learn Italian?

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