Picture of Gallery in Milan one of the best cities in italy

10 best cities to visit in Italy

Italy is a country with many wonderful cities, all worth a visit, with their unique history and natural beauty, it is difficult to choose from. Discover here what are the best cities to explore.

A beautiful getaway in Italy, who does not dream? A stay in Dolce Vita, a gondola ride in Venice or the beautiful streets of Rome, a drink enjoying the sun and the sea to the south or enjoy the wonderful surroundings of Tuscany is what awaits you and even more in the cradle of the Roman Empire.

Italy is rich, and she alone deserves a dozen trips. The proof can be shown through this list of 10 best cities to visit in Italy that will necessarily make you want to go … or go back!

Best cities for a spectacular holiday

1. Rome

Rome is the capital of the country. Here you can find Roman ruins but not only, as the city is rich in history. There are also many typical dishes to try out, and you must know that here you can find Roman pizza, which is thin and crunchy, different from the one from Naples. Rome in modern times is a bustling and lively city, with excellent restaurants, clubs and bars. You can also find interesting attractions such as The Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Roman Colosseum.

2. Venice

Venice is an incredible city built on water, in the middle of a lagoon; It is located in the northeast of Italy. It is as well one among the most romantic cities, becoming very popular with tourists and couples who dare to visit it. The heart of Venice is St. Mark’s Square, also including the cathedral of the same name, and you can also find a large number of palaces, museums, and monuments to visit while touring the canals of Venice.

3. Florence

Florence stands today as one among the most important cities that has come to be a cultural and artistic center of the Renaissance. It is located in the Tuscany region as its capital and its main buildings such as its cathedral and the Baptistery that are visited by tourists during the high seasons, as well as the main square. It also has interesting museums, that house renowned paintings, and sculptures. You can also find important palaces and gardens typical of the Medici.

picture of Florence as one of the best cities in italy

4. Milan

Milan, one of the richest cities in Europe, is known for its elegant shops, galleries, and restaurants as well as having an intense pace of life, even greater than the rest of the Italian cities. It also has a large artistic and cultural heritage, with its cathedral which stands out for its beautiful marble facade. There is also the La Scala theatre museum, which is one of the main opera houses dedicated to classical music.

Picture of Gallery in Milan one of the best cities in italy

5. Naples

Naples is a colourful cities and is located on the south coast. Here you can find, good food, magnificent view and also many historic buildings. Naples has undergone some renovations, although it still seeks to maintain that traditional aspect of its culture, within which there are also many historical places and works of art. If you go to Naples, you must eat a lot of pizza and take a picture where the pizza Margherita was invented in 1989!

Picture of Francesca in naples one of the best cities in Italy

6. Verona

Verona is known for the famous history of Romeo and Juliet, in addition to its Roman Arena, it is the third largest and most visited city in Italy and is also the seat of an important and renowned opera festival. In this city you can find an important medieval centre, Roman remains and a complex of interesting castles.

7. Turin

Turin, who hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics, is an important cultural center with excellent museums, elegant shops, and exquisite restaurants. It is located in northwestern Italy, between the Po river and the foothills of the Alps and it is the best place where you can find remarkable examples of Baroque architecture and historic palaces. Turin has many historic cafes, craft workshops, and galleries.

8. Bologna

Bologna is an interesting place known for its beauty, its culinary richness, its education and left politics. It is the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region and is located in northern Italy. Its streets are full of beautiful porticos, making it a good place to walk, even in the rain. It houses one of the oldest universities in Europe as well as an important medieval centre. You can also find attractive squares, bordered by buildings with pleasant porches.

picture of square in Bologna one of the best cities in italy

9. Perugia

Perugia is a city that characterizes as the seat of two universities. It is located in the center of Italy and is the capital of the Umbria region; It also hosts an important Jazz Festival during the summer while its University for Foreigners is a great place to learn Italian. Perugia is a walled city that is located on a hill, being able to appreciate magnificent views over the valley.

10. Genoa

Genoa is located on the northwest coast and is Italy’s main port. In 2004, it was considered as the European Cultural Capital. Genoa has a fascinating aquarium, an incredible port area, a historic center recognized as one of the largest in Europe, as well as several museums, churches, palaces and other attractions.

Did you enjoy my top 10? What’s the best city for you in Italy? And why? Leave a comment.

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