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Learning Italian in Italy: Classes and Courses

Classroom environments, lectures, guided curricula, and private tutoring, keep you on a steady path for learning Italian. Students practising on their own – as admirable as that is – commonly plateau as resources for tailored programs are scarce. The value of support from professionals and their ability to customise an approach that suits your learning style is incomparable.

There is no better resource than the source itself. Nearly every major city in Italy provides programs for individuals wishing to take classes and courses and learn Italian in Italy – be they novices or advanced students.

Here are my recommendations for programs across Italy.

Learning Italian in Italy: choose one in these 4 cities

1) Milan

The Italian School of Milan is the epicentre of Italian culture. The school is surrounded by high-end designer stores, cultural music fit to fill timeless concert halls, and delectable restaurants to feed your hungry mind.


2) Bologna

The benefits of learning Italian in Bologna isn’t just studying Italian, but seeing the nation’s glorious history. Sightsee from Piazza Maggiore, a city rich in artistic and cultural tradition. It’s a great place to find a study buddy as there are thousands of bustling university students who I’m sure are willing to lend a hand.


3) Florence

The Italian School of Florence is located inside the former Oratory of San Pierino, creating a breathtaking atmosphere surrounded by Florentine art from the late sixteenth century. Its beauty isn’t a surprise since it is also home to Galleria dell ’Accademia. If that wasn’t enough, it’s only a few metres from the Duomo and the iconic Michelangelo’s David.

Learning Italian in Florence schools teaches you this nuanced culture from all vantages – from studying the language within the walls of the school to appreciating the Italian artistic renaissance from outside them. Art lovers apply.

Check out Dante Alighieri – Centro Linguistico >>

4) Turin

The Italian School of Turin is located in the glorious Crocetta district, commutable from Porta Nuova station. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati – if these big-name automobile manufacturers resonate with you, then studying Italian in Turin will get your engines revving.

Turin is the automotive capital of Italy, plus it’s full of many other attractions; from architectural marvels such as centuries-old universities and the renowned Egyptian Museum, to restaurants making savoury food in-house and vineyards where you can enjoy delicious wine straight from the orchard.

Check out Ciao Italy in TURIN >>

Italian Courses & Average Costs

If you can’t travel to learn Italian in Italy, understandably, schools are progressive in terms of their online course. They provide educational offerings such as a virtual classroom with other eager learners, as well as private tutoring sessions with passionate teachers.

The average cost for online courses and others is the following:

  • In-class courses 1 month – 3 months: € 700 – € 1,950
  • Online courses 20 – 80 hours: € 130,00 – € 490,00
  • Private lessons 1 – 10 hours: € 38,00 – € 330,00

Want to get more information on learning Italian in Italy? Contact me, and I will assist you in making an informed decision. Or if you have any other schools in Italy to suggest, just leave a comment.

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  1. Any thoughts on Scuola Romit in Rome, Francesca? I was all set to go in April this year (2020), until the Covid undid everyone’s travel plans!


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