english thoughts about Italian food infographic
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10 Things On Italian Food – You Must Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

British people think horrible and untrue things about food, but on the other hand they taught me so many incredible things and I thank them for it! Take a look at the infographic to find out.

english thoughts about Italian food infographic



Sorry if you’re sensitive towards this word, now it is extremely important to me. I hate dry food.

2. Salumi is bad

Italians eat “salumi” (ham, salami..) nearly every day, but now, I know this is bad for you.

3. Spices

Spices are a great way to make your meal even tastier without adding salt or meat.

4. Carbs are OK

Italians think carbohydrates are not that good, but actually they are, if they are good ones like break and pasta.
No cakes and cookies!

5. Rice is a side

Rice can be a great side too, so not just risotto. Rice is great for many purposes.


1. Floppy pizza

Neapolitan pizza is great. It’s floppy too but this doesn’t mean is raw.

2. Carbonara cream

Forget it! Carbonara is not made with double cream, just make nice creamy eggs.

3. Pineapple pizza

Pineapple is great but not on a pizza. This is not Italian and I will never like it.

4. Bolognese jar

Ragù or bolognese. as you say, doesn’t come from a jar! This is home made, no real Italian would buy the one from the jar.

5. Macaroni cheese

“Mc n cheese my favourite Italian dish”. Babe, this is not Italian!


Did you like my tips and ides? Share yours on Italian food, please! I’d love to hear from you.

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