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5 Best Italian Language Apps (Applications)

Thanks to technology, you can now learn Italian in the comforts of your home. There are many applications that you can download to your smartphones to facilitate your learning. Hundreds of language applications can be downloaded, either for free or for a minimal cost. You just have to choose one that suits your level and your needs. What are the best apps for learning Italian? Here are some of them.

5 best apps to learn Italian

1) Learn Italian Words Free

This is a free application downloadable to iOS and Android smartphones.
There are different language levels available you will be asked what your preferred level is. You will also be asked about the approximate number of minutes that you can devote to this application. Every lesson teaches you 14 Italian words related to themes such as travel, emergencies, and conversations.

For Italian words used in everyday conversations, there is a section covering Italian slang. This is not found in traditional applications but can be of great help if you have plans of living in Italy since it gives you a feel of how it is like to communicate with native Italian speakers.

You can gauge yourself with the different tools available, such as audio-visual help and games.

2) LingoDeer

iOS Download  Android Download

LingoDeer is very popular among Korean and Japanese learners, and it turns out the East Asian language expert is equally good at teaching Roman languages like Italian. It is available for free and downloadable on iOS and Android devices.
It is a very intuitive app for studying Italian, there are two different levels you can choose from: one for beginners and one for more advanced learners.

Lessons are conveniently divided by topics and you will find a variety of different exercises and this is what makes this app so engaging. For example, you may find nicely designed flashcards to consolidate the vocabulary or fill in the gaps dialogues or even word puzzles.

Another interesting feature relates to the detailed grammar guides, which are accessible by clicking on “Learning tips”, so you don’t even need to leave the app when you have a grammar-related doubt.

Interestingly, all the records come from Italian native speakers so you can enjoy a very correct Italian pronunciation.

Lastly, the graphic is very good with well-designed elements that keep you entertained.

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3) Duolingo

Duolingo can be downloaded for free. It is available for iOS, Android. It is also available online.

It is a fun and user-friendly application that allows you to learn the Italian language through different activities. You will be asked to choose your target number of minutes that you want to achieve for using this application. The minimum number of minutes is 5 while the maximum is 20. This prevents the students from feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by studying Italian.

The application is not just for beginners. If you have a background of Italian and you just want to polish it up, you may do so since there is an option for intermediate and advanced levels. Duolingo is very helpful since it teaches vocabulary and grammar while incorporating a wide range of subjects like work, education, clothing, landmarks, and many others.
A unique feature of this application is that it covers grammar, too. You will be tasked to make conjugations and do verb tenses. You can also practice your pronunciation! You can repeat phrases and say them aloud, and get real-time feedback for it. Of course, this is optional; you may want to skip this if you are in a place where you cannot speak loudly.
Its many helpful features make it a favorite among the users.

4) Babbel

Babbel, a free application can be used by both beginners and advanced users. It will adjust its lessons to suit your needs, based on the level that you chose.
It has a simple layout that is easy to use. The application includes images to help you recall words. This widely used application also uses realistic conversational dialogues that covers a myriad of subjects like Italian culture and workplace.
Only the first lesson of each course is free, though! After you have finished it, there will be subsequent subscription fees amounting to €9.95 for one month, €19.95 for 3 months, €33.90 for six months and €59.40 for one year.
More and more people have been choosing this application, despite having other applications with the same fun and effective lessons.
You may download Babbel for IOS and Android.

5) Busuu

Busuu: Learn Italian – Speak Italian is offered at €2 per week and is available for iOS and Android.
The price may be higher than most applications but is worth it because it is a fun and enjoyable application. It has various features that can optimize your learning.
The application teaches vocabulary used in a range of subjects. For beginners, the vocabulary touches on food, family, and hobbies. For advanced students, it teaches words used in more complex settings such as politics, life choices, and nature.
Flashcards and exercises are used to teach new words at the beginning of every lesson. You will have the chance to listen to conversations of native speakers talking about a particular theme. If you opt for premium membership, you can speak with native Italian speakers and ask them for feedback and corrections, giving you a chance to practice your Italian without having to go to Italy.

BONUS App: Memrise

Memrise can be downloaded for iOS and Android, for free.
It is a cool application that teaches Italian language using a strange, but ingenious concept. The younger students will surely enjoy it, but it is actually for all ages.
Memrise lets you learn Italian through a game, where you have to defeat and prevent an alien invasion by knowing your Italian vocabulary. The application also has a layout that is very easy to understand. You will be provided with texts, pictures and multiple choice exercises after each vocabulary lesson. You will also be asked to listen to a dialogue of native Italian speakers using the vocabulary words of the day’s lesson.
You may not feel too comfortable with the game concept of Memrise, but once you get past your initial apprehension, it may actually help you with your journey of learning Italian.
It may get a bit boring, though, because this application teaches only 3 new words per lesson, making this application more suitable for beginners than for intermediate and advanced learners.

What’s your favourite app for learning Italian? Leave a comment to let everyone know.

5 thoughts on “5 Best Italian Language Apps (Applications)”

  1. I use Duolingo on a daily basis. As you mention, its strength is that it works at sentence level, as well as individual word level. I’m not so convinced about the pronunciation function. Where it falls short is that there is no context to understanding the phrases, so there can be ambiguity in the ‘correct’ answer, which can be frustrating. Also, it doesn’t attempt to teach the language, although the comments left by other learners can be illuminating! From the forum, I also gain the impression that Italian isn’t so well supported by Duolingo as some other languages, so the Artificial Intelligence constructs some very artificial sentences.
    Also, you can use tinycards.duolingo.com to learn and memorise the vocabulary (there is a pack of words for each subject area).
    I’m not familiar with the other Apps you mention, but I will certainly give them a try.


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