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Best Beaches in Italy

Just when you thought you’ve done all there is to do in the Italy — quenched your thirst for culture through its various museums, cured your sweet tooth with its numerous dessert bars, and satisfied your senses with its beautiful architecture– it surprises you even more with the wonder of its beaches.
Here is a list of the best beaches in Italy.

Best Italian beaches by region

Beaches in Sicily

picture of sicily one of the best beaches in italy

Santo Vito Lo Capo
One of the best-kept secrets in the northwestern part of Sicily, is an impressive crescent-shaped beach with turquoise waters called Sant Vito Lo Capo. The Monte Monaco serves as a beautiful backdrop to this quaint coastal town, that is also frequented by climbers. It is home to the Cous Cous Festival held every December.

Much of Mondello is privately-owned, but there is also a public beach. Just a 20-minute drive from Palermo, a lot of locals and tourists visit this beach especially during summer time. Lush vegetation line its a mile-and-a-half stretch of white sand, making it a cool place to enjoy the Sicilian sun. It offers modern amenities. There are also numerous restaurants to choose from.

Cala Mosche
Cala Mosche is for people who want to be at the beach minus the buzzing of the crowds. Located inside the southeastern part of Sicily, near an archaeological site named Eloro, this sandy beach is not your typical tourist spot. The place is unadulterated and serene, almost like a little secret tucked inside the Vendicari Nature Reserve, since you have to take a 15-minute walk through the reserve before you can reach this beach. The few who are able to access it enjoy how the sea can be still and calm, even on a windy day, because the beach is flanked by two rocky edges that break the wind.

Beaches in Puglia

picture of one of the best beaches in italy puglia

Pescoluse, one of the country’s prime beaches, is located in the southern part of Puglia. It clean, white sand as fine as sugar, and deep azure waters prompted people to celebrate it as the Maldives of Puglia. With a shoreline that is 5-km long, it is the perfect spot for romantic walks at dusk or dawn and for jogging.

Torre Guaceto
Torre Guaceto belongs to the protected marine area and also, a nature reserve. With its endearing natural charm, it attracts those on a holiday to feel the ocean breeze along its 7-kilometer coastline. The sand above and the creatures underneath like colorful coral formations and seagrass makes Torre Guaceto a haven for sunbathers, divers, and snorkelers.

Beaches in Sardinia

picture of cala goloritze (sardinia) one of the best beaches in italy

Spiaggia di Piscinas
The Spiagga di Piscinas is without a doubt, one of the loveliest beaches in Sardinia. Its sand shines like gold, providing a strikingly beautiful contrast to the windswept sea beside it. To add to the picturesque scene is the expansive sand dunes punctuated by the green shrub macchia. It is the place to go to when you want to catch a glimpse of the Sardinian coast in its untamed state.

Spiaggia Rena Bianca
Spiagga Rena Bianca is the main beach of Santa Teresa di Gallura. Tourists are enamored by its lovely seashore of pale sand. Its waters are not only clear, they are also the shallowest in the island, making the beach a family-friendly destination because even children can swim in it. On the horizon is the Strait of Bonficaio and the 16th century Torre di Longonsardo. Towards the east of the beach is a trail that runs along the coast and gives amazing views of granite and rock formations.

Beaches in Calabria

picture of San nicola arcella in calabria one of the best beaches in italy

Aptly named as Diamante, this long white beach with crystal clear waters is indeed a jewel to behold. The Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio was mesmerized by its beauty and called it the “Tyrrhenian pearl” since it is located on the Riviera Dei Cedri on the Tyrrhenian coast. It also boasts of cliffs filled with olive groves. A seaside cafe is the favorite hangout of beach loungers who enjoy looking at the marvelous landscape. It is also the perfect spot for windsurfing, scuba diving, sailing and water skiing. Very near the beach is the town’s historical center with colorful murals.

Capo Rizzuto
Capo Rizzuto in the Meditteranean sea is not as popular as the other Italian beaches, yet, but more and more tourists are discovering this hidden oasis. It promises exciting activities both above and under the sea. Its marine protected waters are home to some of the fascinating seabeds and fauna, and a few dolphins and barracudas, inviting scuba divers and snorkelers alike. You can even go aboard a sailboat and indulge in the beauty of the Cape Rizzuto’s cliffs, bays, and red sand beach.

Beaches in Tuscany

picture of porto santo stefano one of the best beaches in italy

Spiagge dell’Argentario
The name argentario contains the name argento, which means silver, the beaches in the area are very characteristic, with clear water and also clean sand. The location is situated in the South of Tuscany, think that even the family of the emperor Nerone had a villa here.

Spiagga Bianche
This white beach with a 4-km stretch is also worth the visit if only for the beautiful juxtaposition of its dazzling white sand and light blue waters. It is in Maremma coast’s northern edge, specifically in the Vada village. Spiagga Bianche’s beauty is not a work of nature. It was caused, unwittingly, by the chemical discharges by a factory within its vicinity, that gives the water a light blue tint and makes the sand dazzling white. Nevertheless, the beach serves as a good spot for photo opportunities.


Italy has even more wonderful beaches, but there wasn’t enough space to list those in just one article.
What’s your favourite beach in Italy? Tell us…

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