picture showing some elements of the typical Italian breakfast
Italian food

Typical Italian Breakfast At Home

Do you know what Italians eat for breakfast? Well, the typical Italian breakfast is sweet, but we need to differentiate between the breakfast consumed at home and the one at a café (bar). In fact, at the bar Italians would eat a pastry and a cappuccino, espresso or macchiato, at home things are different.

Watch the video to discover the most common options for breakfast.

As you have seen in the video, a typical Italian would drink caffè-latte (coffee-milk) with biscuits or fette biscottate, or even eating some cereals, that are less popular. Merendine (small ready to eat and individually packed cakes) are another possibility, even though they are deemed to be quite unhealthy.

If you would ask me, is the typical Italian breakfast only sweet then?
Yes and No.

In fact, if you don’t like sweets or you skip breakfast (bad habit!) or even if you are hungry before lunch, you can opt for a second brekfast. During this breakfast, you would have something savoury instead, such as some focaccia or a sandwich with ham or similar.

Perhaps, it’s not a chance that the first meal you have it’s also called prima colazione (first breakfast)!

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