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Why learning a new language is important? With real reasons to learn Italian

I have been always fascinated by the reasons why my students decide to learn a new language. Usually, my English students desire to learn the language because of work. However, when it comes to my Italian students, the reasons for taking up one of my Italian courses are very different, someone wants to study the language for travelling to the country, others just want do learn something new.

Whatever the motivation for learning a new language, there are some proven reasons to learn a new language, Auburn University listed 25 of them. In this blog post I am going to list my favourite reasons.

10 reasons to learn a new language

  1. Creativity is enhanced: when you learn a new language, your horizons expand, you feel the buzz of being able to approach something new, this makes you more creative in other aspects of life too.
  2. Memory skills and abstraction are improved: when you study something new, you must utilise your memory a lot, this is a very good exercise for it. In fact, memory improves if exercised regularly, the same applies for your abstraction ability, you will be able to master abstract philosophical concepts too.
  3. Travelling gets easier: obviously, visiting a country and understanding their language makes things much easier as not everyone speaks English and not everything is written in English.
    For example, if you visit Italy, many people don’t speak English and communication can get very difficult. Once at a restaurant, a lady ordered a  Tequila shot and was given a Magarita! She gave up on trying to explain what she wanted.
  4. More jobs available to you: if you are still working, a further language opens more doors for you to more job offers, plus it shows that you are smart.
  5. Social occasion: whether you attend an online class or a physical class, you get the chance to socialise with like minded people. This gives you also a further topic of conversation with friends. student learning a new language online
  6. Increased sense of fulfilment: achieving something extraordinary, such as understanding a new word in a foreigner song or just a new grammar rule, will lift up your self-esteem. It’s incredible how learning a new language can make you feel special about you.
  7. Appreciation of cultural diversity: not surprisingly, you will start to be curious of the language native speakers, how they like spending their holidays and their festivities. This curiosity makes you appreciate and be proud of the foreign cultures. Finally, your eyes can open, like when you travel, you start to be less self centred in your own culture and embrace the whole world.
  8. Picking up cultural facts: when you learn a language you came across new words that they don’t even exists in your language, this makes you discover new things. 
    For example, in Italian the word bar indicates a coffee shop not a pub like place. Plus, in an Italian bar you are often required to pay before being served.
  9. Boost self confidence: let’s be honest learning a new language challenges hugely for your self-esteem too. But when you manage to pronounce new words and remember an expression, such as: Come stai? encourages you to be more confident.
  10. Happiness unlocked: when you study a new language, the novelty, together with new challenges makes you feel happier. In fact, not getting board and receive new stimulus is the number one reason to increase happiness in the workplace as studies show.

Learning a new language is something wonderful, that can make you feel extraordinary about yourself and your ability. In realty, the first and biggest challenge to overcome is your fear to take up something new: don’t be the obstacle of your own progress and dreams, unlock your potential, learn a new language today.


Looking for an Italian Class in Southamton?
Just be in touch, I will be able to suggest the best route to start learning this musical language.


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