Free Italian Café – Conversation Group

Are you able to speak some Italian? Would you like to practice it? Then join this new Italian conversation group. This is your chance to speak Italian for one hour a week and forget about your native language.

It is totally free to join, but it would be appreciated if you could purchase a drink at the bar (even if not mandatory).

clockwork italian

When: every Wednesday (of October for now) from 7pm to 8pm

Where: Clockwork Bar, 323 Shirley Rd, Southampton SO15 3HW



Who should join?

Anyone who has some knowledge of Italian, perhaps one of your parent is Italian, or you lived in Italy for a bit or you have already attended an Italian course.
If you don’t know any Italian, please enquire about the Italian classes I run or private tuition.


Topics of the Italian conversation group – OCTOBER 2018

  • 10 October

I vantaggi e gli svantaggi del campeggio, quali sono?
Tell your experience with camping or similar and talk about advantages and disadvantages.

  • 17 October

Perché impari l’Italiano? Che cosa ti piace di questa lingua? Conosci altre lingue? Quali?
Tell your reasons to learn Italian and what you like about it, do you speak any other language?

Campagna vs città: dove preferisci vivere?

  • 24 October

Coppie: matrimonio in chiesa o rito civile? Che ne pensi delle unioni gay? Questi sono temi controversi per alcuni italiani, parliamone.
Couples: wedding in a church or a civil one? What do you think about gay weddings? These are very hot themes for some Italians, let’s talk about it.

  • 31 October: the group will not meet up due to Halloween celebrations 


Rule: speaking English is not allowed during this meeting!

Does it sound good? 

Then please email me to say that you mean to attend any of the dates. I can also provide more help on the topics. Looking forward to hearing from you – Non vedo l’ora di sentirti!